7 ideas about installing backlit slabs at your home


When it is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a house, you may get several options. But every option may seem so common and not so satisfying including lighting. Well, you can creatively use the lighting option and transform it indirectly. It will be a great and latest addition to your home. Are you asking what the way is? The option is installing Backlit Slabs. You can use install it at different spaces of the house. This technology will work better with semi-translucent and translucent materials, such as quartz, onyx, etc. Whatever, in this post, we mention how you can use this technology at different parts of your home. So, go through the upcoming paragraphs.

Install backlit slabs at different parts of your house

Here are some backlit slabs installing idea in the following passages for residential places.

·       Kitchen countertop or island

Appearance matters a lot for those kitchens that are big enough and have a long countertop, an island. Use backlit slabs as countertop or island. It will increase the look and make the kitchen perfect for pictures.

·       Bathroom room

Many people have an interest in making the bathroom an appealing place. If you are one of them, then you can install the technology in a bathroom wall, around the basin. You and your guests will love it for sure.     

·       Living room wall

The living room is also known as the common space of any house. If you decorate this room with the backlit slab technology, then it can attract the guests to it more than other spaces. So, are you interested? 

backlit slabs

·       Bedroom corner

You can install backlit slaps at the vacant corner of your bedroom and make it beautiful. The soft and soothing lighting atmosphere in the dark will be a great character in your bedroom. So, invest in technology for your room. 

·       Poolside sitting area 

Is there a pool in your property? You can choose the backlit slab option for the poolside sitting spaces. The lighting will look amazing by the side of the water and provide a loving atmosphere at night.

·       Stairs

A beautifully designed stair already glance your house. Why not highlight each or some stairs again? The backlit will attract the guests’ eye, and your reputation will get up one level more. So, take your decision fast about it. 

·       Fireplace

It is one of the spaces where backlight technology can be installed. The backlit can make your fireplace more delightful and attractive by creating stunning lighting effects. Therefore, if you want to get such an appearance of your fireplace, you should invest in this technology.

Contact a renowned company to invest in backlit slabs

Do you want to invest in installing Backlit Slabs? Then you need to select the right material and lighting option for the space of your property. But first, you should contact a reputable company in this regard. The selection process may make you puzzled. Well, follow the guidance available online. Or, you can contact Sonic Stone and get the perfect solution. Visit sonicstone.co.uk for details.

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